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Lifting electromagnet
2014-04-29 19:10:16
 20140429 KGC SUPLLY Lifting electromagnet

Lifting electromagnet instructions
1, adopt fully sealed structure, moistureproof performance is good.
2, by the computer optimization design, reasonable structure, light weight, large suction, low energy consumption.
3, excitation coil special craft processing, improve the electrical and mechanical properties of wire coil, insulation heat level is class C, long service life.
4, by suction objects according to different conditions with different structure and parameters, can be widely meet user needs.
5, ultra high temperature type electromagnet adopts unique heat insulation method, the sucked material temperature from 600 to 600 , expanding the applicable scope of the electromagnet.
6, diving lifting electromagnet is a kind of special underwater salvage with lifting electromagnet, can be used for lifting underwater salvage steel material and equipment.Diving lifting electromagnet is also called the salvage lifting electromagnet, generally USES the circular design, electromagnet seal with special seal process.
7, installation, operation, maintenance is simple.Suitable for transporting cast iron ingot, steel ball and all kinds of scrap steel.
Its excitation mode can be adopted: constant voltage way, strong excitation system and excitation method Details:
1, product by the computer optimization design, magnetic circuit is more scientific and reasonable, the air gap flux density, magnetic depth deep.Coil with aluminium wire, coil protection with good abrasion resistance, impact resistant ability of rolling high manganese steel.Light weight, low energy consumption, big lifting weight, long service life.
2, high insulation level, insulation treatment by the unique technology, improve the electrical properties and mechanical properties of wire coil, insulation level of heat resistant up to grade C.
3, adopts fixed voltage control method, if use strong magnetic control mode, the lifting capacity may be further improved.
4. Structure is simple, safe and reliable, suitable for all kinds of lifting equipment.This series of lifting electromagnet used in suction hanging loosely magnetic materials such as iron and steel scrap, pig iron, has the magnetic potential, through the depth of the magnetic characteristics.
Low permeability of magnet material is made of low carbon steel, which makes work air gap can achieve maximum magnetic field, its entire surface magnetic magnet poles distribution is very uniform.So can meet a lot of heavy absorption ratio.
Low electromagnet by the computer optimization design of magnetic circuit is more scientific and reasonable.
Low electromagnet coil adopts the design of low temperature rise, small suction under cold and hot condition changes.Coil wire adopts high quality flat aluminum oxide film, insulation class grade C, ensure the service life of the coil.
Low company proprietary coil rapidly the filling material made of the joule heat generated in the coil to the shell, can in a coil from be affected with damp be affected with damp and more than a support under the strong impact.
Coil protection plate is made of high manganese steel plate, good abrasion resistance, high strength, protection at the bottom of the coil from the impact, avoid the coil is damaged.
External power adopts heavy Marine cable, durable and easy to replace, cable outside protection shell cover to protect effect.
Low insulation adopts pure natural mica and polyimide film, high temperature classification, not easy ageing.


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