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Pot current distribution
2018-09-21 10:28:10
portable current distribution
Main features:
Light weight, small volume and easy operation.
Fast measuring speed and accurate value with the shortest measuring time.
The device has strong data interface ability. It can exchange data with computer through USB port. It can be directly opened by WPS, EXCEL and other spreadsheet software for data analysis.
It can effectively reduce the tedious and repetitive work such as manual record and manual report form filling, and reduce the human error in manual input process.
Color display, multi-color display.
Warning value preset function. Preset the high or low warning value of the guide rod pressure drop. The equipment can judge automatically according to the measured data. The distribution state of the voltage drop (or current) can be visualized by using the reverse color display.
The above 2 figures are reference test data, and the 2 pictures do not correspond to each other. They are two independent data.
Technical parameters:
Measurement accuracy: less than or equal to 0.1mV
Range: 0 ~ 30mV
Working voltage: 3.6--4.2V
Usage environment: temperature (c) -10 ~ 60
Humidity (%RH) 5 ~ 80%
Outline size: 207 x 103 x 37mm
Weight of whole machine: <500g


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